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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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house and out on to the back deck within minutes. the fire broke out in the basement of a tonehome in the 11,000 block of west port drive. the 9-1-1 dispatcher gotr numerous calls from frantic neighbors who believe the peoplt who lived there were trapped inside. >> my brother-in-law and another young man was trying to break be down the door weren't the fire chief says the residents were not home at the time of the fire and had been safely accounteded for. he's most worried about the two volunteer firefighters who weree burned. >> while the firefighters werehr at the stop of the steps, two received first and sex degree burns to the back of the neck and ears. they have been transported topot med star and are in good condition with minor injuries. >> reporter: the fire is now contained and the investigation into what caused is underway. >> a good part of the first floor is burn away. so some of the structure is
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unstable. they'll have to sure that up. >> reporter: now, the two adjacent tonehomes to the oneest that burned did not burn but did have smoke and water damage. so a hand full of residents wild have to spend the night elsewhere tonight.sewh as for those two glenn dale volunteer firefighters who weree hurt, they are being treated at med star. s the chief says they're expectede to be ok. back to you maureen. >> audrey barnes, thank you. a rescue crew has recovered the body of a man who went missing while swimming in the anacoste river. ri fox 5's lauren demarco joinsoins us. >> reporter: the investigationhe is ongoing tonight but the family tells us that the victim was fishing off of the seewall at the water front with hiss brother and a friend. he went into the water too retrieve a tennis shoe. family friend says according to the men with him jewely mendez
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threw off his shoes to keep them from getting wet but one fell into the water and he jumpedded. fortunately they did get get themselves out and were able to call for help. this happened around 2:30 this afternoon. more than half a dozen of teaches from prince gor george's county searched by air and boat for two hours. the tide was coming in. divers sizing sonar found theoud victim in nine feet of water. >> that one individual went under and as unable to get himself up. it's a murky area, silty. sil when it's at low tide, it's four feet but it's a silty area. it's like quick sand and peopled think they can get out of that and they can't. >> the official cause of dentf will be determined by autopsy. from what the family told us this sounds like a tragic doesn't but officials want toant
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point out that swimming iswimm illegal in this river. thank you. we have new information from that breaking news involving a wile police chase thaw ended on wisconsin avenue at northwest last night. the suspect is 53-year-oldar-o robert fugate of maryland. he is wanted this quetion with e soaferl felonies took off from police in baltimore county last dozens of police officers joined the chase as it went alone the beltway through montgomery county and into the district. police used a spike stick to blow out fugate's tires. we continue to follow the deadly crashes in egypt. as the violence shows no signs of slowing down, israel is acting the obama administration to not caught off military aid l to crit pup the u.s. has already suspended delivery of fighter jets last month and canceled a joint exercise set for
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september. >> unfortunately our options are really reduced at this point. pi who in egypt will protect american interests, keeping suez kabucanal open. i think the answer is, that'ss, the military. >> the egyptian government has threatened to dis-pan the muslii brotherhood after more than 60 people were killed bringing the death toll to well over 900. the edge on marylandd tonight, three people were burned after their boat exslowed at the baltimore yacht club. fire oafts say they were on thee boat at the time and that the explosion sent them fly ug into the water. they were taken to a burn centen with unknown injuries. hazmat crews were called to thee scene after fuel spilled into the water. investigators are working to determine a cause of theause explosion. a news alert tonight, dc police are investigating a faye yacht shooting in east that happened early this morning on the 1500 block of 23rd street.
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the victim has been identified as 29-year-old javar allen. police have not released any information on possibly suspect rs to a motive in the case. frankly investigators say they have found no problems at the controls of a cargo jet that crashed in alabama. ala it went down at barack obamack international airport onna wednesday. officials at the ntsb say flight recorders say the pie lots werel warned about the rate of dissent moments before impact. >> if the rate gets outside of the parameters that are programmed into the computer for that altitude and that height above ground and air speed and flat position and a number of things go into that determination, if it gets get outside of those parameters, it will annunciate. >> both pie lots were killed in the crash and have been identified as captain jr. and
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sanda fanning.. change in the forecast aren moving into the report.thnto tucker barns is here to let us know what this means. >> it means showers and they're moving in from the south as we speak. overnight cloud and temperatures fall into the upper six and as mentioned, showers in the the forecast for sunday. i'll have the details coming up. >> ok. 
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>> nice one today, most of the h day was pleasant, a lot of sunshine and temperature got up to 80 degrees. 80 clouds moving in late this afternoon and now we have hav showers that are starting to break out, particularly to the south.sout frederiksberg working down 95, culpeper, those of you in southern maryland, showers shortly and most of us will see showers overnight into the early part of tomorrow. in fact most of sunday looks cloud-pulled with occasional occ showers in the forecast. that's something we haven't seen.
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let's do temperatures, ray dan national, 74. not going to cool off quite asue much with the cloud cover. cov that will hold the temperatures up. upper 60s tomorrow, 68 to 70 in annapolis. here is the storm system. a little bit of reminiscent of the fall. it's an area of low pressure ofe of the coast of north carolina. it will be moving up the coast here, expect to be off of the delmarva penninsula.lmar you can see the shower activity in the area, into a very moist atmosphere. so showers break out overnight. much of university day tomorrow will feature shower activity by tomorrow afternoon, a shower system pushes off to the north and east.d so mid to late afternoon you may get clearing or at least the rain tapers off. they'll be cool, only in the mid to upper 70s. 70s
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there's is your seven-day forecast. the good news is, once the showers are out of here, a few showers, maybe a thunderstorm on monday and those of you that love summer-type temperatures, you'll love the forecast.orec back near 90 near wednesday and thursday and much of the week is dry for us.y fo that's a look at the forecast. maureen? >> thanks, tucker. sports extra is coming your way. lindsay is here with a preview. >> the nats and braves series is getting awfully interesting andd not in a good way.. is it too late or did steen strasburg get had point across? also in tonight's game, three people were ejected. plus, we're talking about two red skins rookies learning as they to go. those stories up next on sports extra. >> thanks. that does it for us. fox 5 news is always on. keep it here at sports extra, three minutes away. have a great night.
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>> thanks store staying up with us tonight. cup, get to know the post persor side of runningback alfred morris and getting beat was the best lesson this guy learned. we start with a wild gain between the nationalled and braves. last night the braves and nats
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received a warning. the nats didn't deserve it. they did do anything. the braves hit bryce harperarpe twice which kept him out of the line-up tonight. also stephen strasburg saved his teammates. the nats sko scores twice. twi the first batter he faces were jason heyward. look what happens within the lead-off homer, the next batter is justin upton. he has a game running run andnd while mysteriousburg gets the payback there was a 90 mile-an-hour fast ball. it seems everything is settled. back to the nats. second inning, jayson werth, wer based loaded. l that will play two more runs and the narc raked out to a 4-1 lead. bottom second, simmons at the plate, the fast ball goes behins him with a wild pitch.
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the next pitch, again behind simmons. you can see home plate marvin hudson ejects strasburg from the game. that wild pitch would allow a run to score. dayvy johnson argues his case and be ejected.. onening gave up tw two hits and two runs. nats lead 7-5. two outs, soriano trying the slave. heyward has other ideas with second homerun at the night. that ties the game at 7, whereah inning. meanwhile the orioles hosting hs the rockies getting help from h the colorado defense. does he have a single? yes. pretty good, the ball pops outs of the glove and that's a base hit because chris davis scores,
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2-1. steve pierce rounds to short, misses and adam jones zors ando the flood gates open. ope same inning with two on. muchato for a two-run double, and the orioles win 8-4. the red skins wrapped up three-week training camp ideadea afternoon. they have moved back into the bc permanent home in arcburn.rn. on monday they will host the steelers in the second preseason game but tonight the focus is on two rookies in camp. for the rookies, headaching the transition from the college game to the nfl has a steep learning curve. rambo may have learn the best lesson. you're seeing it right now. ramg r bo took a tight angle. he would run for a 5-yard 5-y touchdown but instead of letting the play eat him up, he took a new route.
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>> it wawd was great to see hime that mistake. that would be open field on a great play to chris johnson.. so when those things happen, those are the things you have to have young players and teach those guys what to do. >> is that your welcome to thehe nfl moment, do you any? >> yes. he's a great player so it wasn't that bad. >> it's happened to a lot ofa lo people in the nfl. chris thompson, his first camp was more a dream come true. thompson battled through two thr tough injuries. in 2011 he suffer a broken vertebrae in his back and in 2012 he for his drr r acl. he was held back for much of camp as his knee was recovering. so he is expected to play in monday preseason play.
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that's the first game action and for thompson it's been quite a journey to get to this point. >> it's just a blessing and jusd to have the opportunity to play football once again. it just means a lot to me, me especially on this level, evenel being drafted. so i take everyday as an opportunity and i know that i'm blessed and it's meant for me to be here. >> i know it's a preseason but still your first nfl game. >> just a little nerves. i think i've been thinking about it too much because i have a couple more days before we play. but i'm excited about the opportunity. >> not sure how much he'll play on monday but he will play. late late magic for dc iewnd bu. we have highlights from theom t black and white straighted ahead. don't go away. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet?
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technology that makes life more entertaining, call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800.974.6006 tty/v. >> welcome back to sports extrao the road continues to cause troubles for dc use use nighted. they have yet to win a game this season. they have eight defees and three draws tonight it would not be any easier as a play off contenter in the upon try yawl
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impact. tonight dc use needed was this mon tree crawl. they're trailing 1-0 in the second half. this is a analystty set-up and the black and red tie it up atp one and have a little life after all. maybe they would get their first road win. lightning strikes the other way. marco would net the game winner. i guess the air is hot in canada or he wants to take his shirt off. dc united would lose 2-1. dc unite's record now stands at 3-17-4. their win lition while totaling three goals. don't go away. coming up a special segment from the training camp called rain alfred morris may be quick with his feet. he did set two records for rookies but heck, is he is quick thinker? we'll find out in this next n
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{^" witnessi guess the air is ♪
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when you experience something great, you want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. >> at red skins's training camp there are lenity of topics to talk about. young listens to miely cyrus
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before every game.ame. and what about alfred borris, what would he be doing? find out in the red skin's rapid fire. >> was was your high school superlative? >> most like lib to succeed? >> most athletic. >> first job? >> my first job, i worked at a cleaning company. >> who would play you in a movie? >> favorite song on your ipod? hmm it should have been me. m ♪ . ♪ it should have been me, should have been lying on a cross. >> that's a good one. i'm not going to stump you on the music one. >> tv show you can't miss?
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>> i don't watch much tv but it would probably be house, he's as good show.od i like house. >> kids, if you don't watch tv, one day you'll be as good as alfred morris.s. if you're stranded on a deserted island, one thing you would take? >> peanut butter. >> what was your first car? >> better known as the bentley.n >> if you weren't in the nfl, what would you do? >> drive shifts. >> are you a good cook? >> i don't want to brag -- no, , can cook.oo >> what's your best dish, besides peanut butter. >> anything, you give it to me -- anything i put my stamp on, i'll try to do as best as possible. any dish you give me, i'll perfect it. >> lastly, best dressed teammate. >> jamal. >> he's pretty smooth.moot >> he has crazy shoes andd outfits.
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i like that. >> you're my best rapid fire, b, the way. >> yes! >> love of enthusiasm. the nats remained tide 7-7 in the 11th inning. thanks for letting us be a parta of your weekend and good night. i was born
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